Offered products

Voller produces wooden rib elements for covering ceilings and walls or separating rooms.

We can produce wooden ribs both from solid wood (birch, pine, oak, etc.) and from veneered material. The options for finishing the ribs are to cover it with varnish, stain, wax or paint, if necessary we add a fireproofing treatment. For the background of the ribs, we attach an acoustic fabric (black, gray, white) with plywood strips or a finished board.

The dimensions and pitch of the ribs are freely selectable. When planning the dimensions and performing the work, the dimensions of the raw material, production possibilities, module packaging, transportation to the installation site and installation work must be taken into account. Read more here!

In Voller’s sales hall, you can see samples of wooden ribs on site. Samples with different rib sizes, rib spacing and other used materials are presented, you will have a good overview of different solutions. Come check it out!

Samples of Voller wooden products

  • Wood grill wall panels


    Usually wall panels are made in the size of 600×1200…2400mm, but it is also possible to produce longer ones.

    The most common sizes of wooden strips are 28x28mm, 33x33mm and 45x45mm.

    The main installation method of wall modules is screw fastening to the base frame.

  • Wooded ceilings


    As a rule, the wooden ceiling modules are made in the size of 600x600mm and 600x1200mm, this simplifies their installation, but other sizes are also possible.

    The most common dimensions of the ribs are 18x28mm, 28x28mm, 20x40mm, 15x45mm.

    The main mounting methods of the ceiling modules are screw fastening to the base frame or to the T24 frame of the modular suspended ceiling.