Wood is a timeless material that adds coziness and good acoustics!

Wooden ceilings are currently at the peak of their popularity, thanks to their warm and natural look and design solutions suitable for modern architecture.

Wooden rib panels for ceiling and walls

Voller designs and manufactures interior and acoustic solutions from solid wood and wood-based materials. Our main product group is ribbed panels for covering both ceilings and walls. The company’s focus is on offering special solutions.

5 reasons why to use wood in interior design

  • An environmentally friendly choice


    If forests are managed sensibly, wood is a renewable resource. Also, wood is easily recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Wide range of use


    With proper processing, wood can be used almost everywhere.

  • Acoustic properties


    For centuries, wood has been considered a material with unique acoustic properties. Therefore, wood is often used in the interior decoration of concert halls and also in the manufacture of musical instruments.

  • Special design


    Each tree has its own unique appearance and characteristics. Wood in interior design brings warmth and elegance and never goes out of style. There are hundreds of designs and finishes to ensure the most suitable solutions for all projects.

  • Long service life


    Wood is strong and durable and therefore a long-lasting choice!