High-quality durable suspended ceilings and wall panels from Voller!

Our goal is to offer a wide selection of materials necessary for the construction of suspended ceilings and interior walls to both private and business customers.

Materials and accessories from both top manufacturers and more conventional ones are represented, making it possible to find a suitable solution regardless of the scope, exclusivity and budget of the project.

Thanks to the large stock of the warehouse, we offer short delivery times for many products, in addition, it is possible to order the production of wooden elements necessary for construction and the installation of ceilings from us.

Wooden ceilings and wool panels

Wool ceilings and wall panels

Plasterboard ceilings and gypsum wall panels

Metal ceilings

Suspension systems and attachments

Other products

Our own products

We design and produce interior and acoustic solutions from solid wood and wood-based materials. Our main product group is ribbed panels for covering both ceilings and walls. The company’s focus is on offering special solutions. Voller covers activities from design to production and installation.

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Wood Grill solutions (wooden ceilings and wall panels)